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1. Mei - Original Character

sessao 1

        Mei is an original character I created to use as my avatar and mascot. It was inspired by the harajuku style and the cherry blossom, which is my favorite flower. The color palette was based on pastels and shades of pink. She has deer antlers with flowers to assimilate a sakura tree.

Mei - A4 size poster

Art made on Clip Studio and Adobe Photoshop

Square vr. for social media

Close to details

sessao 2

2. Klee - Original fanart redraw

klee halloween 2 redes sem frame.png

This art was created based on the fanart that I made in 2021: ''Klee - Genshin Impact''. In this 2023 version, I used new skills that I acquired in 2 years dedicated to digital illustration. The character wears a witch-themed skin, matching the Halloween aesthetic. In the background of art, I placed a small Easter egg of other characters. You can watch de process of painting.

klee redes.png

Klee - Genshin Impact (2021). 

livro portfolio.png

In December 2019, I participated in the online convention at CCXP (Comic Con Experience) Brazil. To celebrate, I launched my first Artbook. In the book I chose the digital arts that I started doing in 2019, showing my evolution and a little bit about myself. There are more than 80 arts in the book, which also has some traditional arts and tutorials.

sessao 3


comm capa NEW.jpg

This project was an commission to educational institute (IDUCA). The job was consisted about a educational story for kids, so this original story was written by child books writer. I illustrated based on the history: ''Encontramos um Oásis no Deserto''. All concept (character design, props, backgrounds and color palette) was created by me.

4. Art Commission - Based on Naruto Art Style

rough 2.png
rough 1.png

Art roughs for the client to choose the pose and composition

comm 1223 line.png

Final Lineart

base color.png

Base colors

comm logo.png

Final Art

5. realism art commission

foto comm.png

Original photo that I based

realism line.png


realism base.png

Base Color

kathleen  comm logo.png

The art was based on the photo. At the same time that the art is realistic, I wanted to add lineart to make it more artistic and not just be a copy of an image. I added extra elements like light and shadow too, remembering a bit of the Comics style.

Final Art


hutao 3 tt.png
hutao 1.png
hutao 2 tt.png


Clean Sketch


hutao 6 tt.png
hutao 5 tt.png
hutao 4 tt.png

Paint process

hutao 7 tt.png

Final paint 

hutao 4.png

Final rendering/Final ART

7. Personalized Chibi Commission  

alasca comm.png
WhatsApp Image 2023-09-08 at 15.54.40.jpeg

The art was based on @alasca_sugar (twitter) Vtuber. I inserted the character's main characteristics into my original chibi style, which was inspired by Panty and Stocking (Trigger) and Animal Crossing (Nintendo) style.

Hatsune Miku Normal Type Chibi.png
Inugami Korone chibi.png

Another exemples of my Chibi Style

8. Original socks design

menina meiri png.png

In 2022 and 2023, I worked in a sock factory called Delos Textil Eireli EPP. There I was responsible for making the technical drawings of the socks in pixel style. With this learning, I created some of my own original socks, which would all be rapport print. You can also see the cotton textile Pantone. 

menina meiri 2 png.png
menina meiri 3 png (1).png
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